Andra Day Calls ‘Billie Holiday’ Director Lee Daniels ‘a Blessing’

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Andra Day was effervescent on Sunday evening after winning the Golden Globe Award for lead actress in drama for portraying the legendary jazz musician in “The United States Vs. Billie Holiday.”

She gushed about her experience working with director Lee Daniels and all that he did to make her soar in the role of the troubled singer.

“I can’t say enough about the brilliance of Lee Daniels. You would not have seen the performance you saw without him. God really blessed me with this man….Everything, top down, the man is a blessing.” She also had kind words for her co-stars and crew members. “God was in the room” during the production of the Hulu film.

Day was asked to channel Holiday’s reaction to the acclaim that her big-screen story is receiving more than a half-century after her death at the age of 44.

“She had a PhD in cussing,” Day laughed, offering up a string of salty invective. “That’s just how she was. She’d say ‘Lee Daniels and Andra Day, that’s my award, mother——.”

Day was candid with reporters in the virtual backstage press room about her plans to celebrate the win with a feast. “I’ve been on a diet for three years for this role,” she said, noting that there was cake outside her room. “We’re just going to eat so much food. We’re very hungry.”

And  Day wasn’t kidding. After she signed off with reporters but her live camera feed lingered for a few seconds, a giggly Day was seen turning to a person off camera and declaring, “I’m about to go eat this cake, you know.”