Apple TV Plus Not Moving Ahead With ‘Mr. Corman’

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Apple TV Plus will not be moving ahead with a second season of “Mr. Corman,” A24’s schoolteacher drama starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the streamer has confirmed.

The final episode “The Big Picture” was released Friday. Gordon-Levitt created, wrote, directed and executive produced the series about a fifth grade teacher and former musician working in the San Fernando Valley.

Apple TV Plus is continuing to work with Gordon-Levitt on the new animated series “Wolfboy and the Everything Factory,” for which he voices a lead character and serves as executive producer.

After premiering Aug. 6, “Mr. Corman” garnered a respectable 70% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It co-stars Debra Winger, Juno Temple, Arturo Castro, Bobby Hall (aka Logic), Alexander Jo, Jamie Chung, Shannon Woodward and Hector Hernandez.

“Wolfboy and the Everything Factor” follows Wolfboy, voiced by Kassian Akhtar, an imaginative oddball who discovers a strange realm at the center of the Earth where fantastical Sprytes create clouds, trees, rabbits, dreams, hiccups, memories and time. Wolfboy comes to realize that being different is what makes him special.

Also coming this year from Apple TV Plus are Todd Haynes’ documentary “The Velvet Underground” on Oct. 15, Simon Kinberg and David Weil’s sci-fi series “Invasion” premiering Oct. 22, drama series “Swagger” from NBA superstar Kevin Durant and creator Reggie Rock Bythewood coming Oct. 29, Tom Hanks’ film “Finch,” on Nov. 5, the third season of “Dickinson” on Nov. 5 and “The Shrink Next Door” on Nov. 12.

Mahershala Ali’s new film “Swan Song’ premieres Dec. 17, while “The Tragedy of Macbeth” premieres in theaters Dec. 25 ahead of a Jan. 14 release on Apple TV Plus.