‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Ivan Hall Breaks Protocol, Called ‘Liar’

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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the Sept. 28 episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Ivan Hall had a rough time in Paradise. He first pursued Jessenia Cruz, before she left him for another contestant. His relationship with Kendall Long was short-lived after she exited not over her ex. And as the rose ceremony approached, he had no prospects to stay on the beach.

However, an unexpected romance brewed between him and Chelsea Vaughn, who had been tied to Aaron Clancy. Ivan and Chelsea made out, which angered Aaron and led to a confrontation between the men. The two got in each other’s faces, and the whole beach chimed in on who was in the wrong.

Aaron accused Ivan of being deceptive, as flashbacks showed Ivan say he wasn’t going to steal anyone in anticipation of the rose ceremony. Ivan justified his actions and claimed he hadn’t lied, but rather, Chelsea pursued him. The group ganged up on Aaron in response, who was defeated and left the conversation.

Chelsea was absent for the conflict, but upon her return, she set the record straight: Ivan pulled her, and he lied to the group.

Trouble didn’t end for Ivan there. As the group prepared for eliminations, guest host and bartender Wells Adams halted the rose ceremony and pulled Ivan aside. He revealed that when sheltering from the tropical storm the night before, Ivan had broken production protocol. Despite being sequestered in his hotel room, he left and found Alexa Caves from Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor.” She was supposed to arrive on the beach later that week.

He admitted to finding her room number on a producer’s phone, and the two spent the night together on her balcony. He blamed his headspace for the impulse decision and apologized for breaking the rules.

Wells suggested that he come clean to everyone. Ivan confessed to the rest of the cast — and directly to Chelsea — before he left the beach for good.

The rose ceremony resumed. Serena Pitt gives her rose to Joe Amabile, Abigail Heringer followed and gave hers to Noah Erb, Maurissa Gunn to Riley Christian, Mari Pepin-Solis to Kenny Braasch, Becca Kufrin to Thomas Jacobs, Chelsea and Aaron, and Natasha Parker and Ed Waisbrot. Tia Booth settled her love triangle, and gave her rose to James Bonsall over Blake Monar, sending Blake, Demar Jackson and Dr. Joe Park all home.

The next day, Wells reminded the cast of the limited time remaining and urged them all to seriously consider their relationship statuses.

His reminder sparked conversations with several of the couples. Kenny and Mari reevaluated their relationship, and Kenny worried they needed to “pump the breaks” while Mari was prepared to move forward. Maurissa was worried her strong feelings for Riley weren’t totally reciprocated, and Natasha knew that she and Ed had to catch up to the others. In addition, Abigail expressed concern that she and Noah weren’t as locked in as the other pairs.

While the established couples reevaluated, newcomers arrived.

Anna Redman from Matt James’ season arrived with a date card in hand and struggled to find a man who was not already in a committed relationship. After failing with Kenny and Thomas, she spoke with James, who accepted her invitation. The two spent the afternoon together on a date becoming human churros and getting snake massages before they officially coupled up.

A second newcomer arrived on the beach – Mykenna Dorn from Peter’s season of “The Bachelor.” She briefly appeared earlier on the season during the VIP party, where she was introduced to several contestants. Like Anna, she struggled to find an available man. Aaron was open to chatting with her but declined her invitation on a date.

The rejection brought Mykenna to tears, as she felt like an outcast as the newcomer. The cast watched her upset, and Ed attempted to comfort her. He encouraged her to stay and asked if he could accompany her on the date.

After an initial decline, she accepted his invite and the two left hand-in-hand. While the cast was supportive of his actions, Natasha faced another rejection. But Ed was committed to cheering Mykenna up, and the two spent the night rollerblading around the resort before they ended with a dinner and a kiss.

Meanwhile, several existing couples worked through their feelings. Mari and Kenny enlisted the help of an energy coach to realign them and it made them “stronger than ever.” On the flip side, Noah and Abigail struggled to stay on the same page. He admitted to falling in love with her, and she did not reciprocate. Her silence was concerning for Noah, who felt that they couldn’t move forward if she wasn’t able to communicate.

Relationships were in varying degrees of functionality, but everyone was invited to a “Paradise Prom” to mark the end of their time on the beach. Several men orchestrated “prom-posals,” leaving Tia feeling sad and single. But the night of the dance, Aaron pulled Tia aside and offered her a corsage followed by a steamy make-out.

Chelsea was blindsided by his interest in Tia, but she wasn’t the only one taken aback. Abigail was shocked when Noah pulled her and ended their relationship as well. Only moments before, they had been named “Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After” during prom superlatives by their peers. Despite telling Abigail he was falling in love only a day earlier, he didn’t think they were going to work long-term and reiterated on several occasions that she wasn’t “his person.”

Abigail was blindsided, as she was planning to share that she too was falling in love with Noah. She questioned his sudden change of heart and accused him of leading her on during their time together. Noah tried to rationalize his thoughts, but it only upset Abigail further before she stormed off to cry in the bathroom.

The episode ended in her tears and left their relationship hanging for next week’s episode.

The three hour “Bachelor in Paradise” finale airs Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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