Comcast-Owned Sky Launches ‘SkyGlass’ Streaming Television Hardware

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Comcast-owned British broadcaster Sky has unveiled Sky Glass, a new streaming television and “innovation platform.”

The almost entirely wireless television is a large screen that can be installed swiftly and only requires an Internet connection to operate — dispensing with the need for a satellite dish or cable box.

The service will amalgamate shows and films from each different streaming service in one place, allowing users to search by title or category without having to log into each one separately, including Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Sky’s own Now service, among others. It will even allow users to seamlessly watch shows where seasons are split between different streaming services due to licensing constraints.

Audiences will pay a monthly subscription fee of £13 ($17.60) per month (for the smallest screen; the largest costs £21), which allows them to watch Sky channels as well as other streaming services in one place. Sky Glass has already signed up its first syndication partner with Australia’s Foxtel.

A package including the television and Sky’s own channels and carriage deals with networks such as Nickelodeon, E! and Dave will be £39 per month ($52).

The screen contains Dolby Atmos sound and there are three-sized screens available ranging from 43-65 inches and in a variety of colors.

It is due to launch Oct. 18 in the U.K. with more markets to follow.

The new hardware launch is the latest strike in the streaming wars battle. With Sky and WarnerMedia’s lucrative deal for HBO content believed to be coming to an end in 2025 — at which point it’s likely HBO Max will launch in the U.K. — Sky Glass will ensure audiences have a reason to stick with Sky even if much of its Sky Atlantic content transitions over.

“We believe this is the smartest TV available,” said Sky CEO Dana Strong during a presentation for the new product on Thursday morning, where she was joined by Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts.

“The big idea was to reimagine television and Sky’s role in the living room,” said Roberts. “Comcast has been in the television business for about 60 years and there have been a few big moments with the potential to be transformative an you know what this could well be one of them.”

“Everything you see here is powered by a remarkably intelligent and flexible platform that makes finding what you love effortless,” he added.

More to come.

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