Director Charlie Minn Signs Three-Picture Deal With Gravitas Ventures

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Gravitas Ventures, an independent film distributor, has acquired worldwide rights to Charlie Minn’s next three documentaries.

Those projects — “7 Murders a Day,” “Who Shot Colosio?” and “Miracle on 4th Street” — complement Minn’s background in investigative journalism. Minn directed and produced the non-fiction films, which were shot both prior to and during the coronavirus pandemic. They are set to release on video-on-demand later this spring.

Minn has worked on 32 documentaries in his career, including “Parkland: Inside Building 12,” “A Nightmare in Las Cruses” and “El Chapo.” He was also a producer on “America’s Most Wanted.”

“Charlie has a deep history in telling stories starting when he was a news reporter and during his time with ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ and we can’t wait to share his work,” said Gravitas executive Brett Rogalsky.

Slater Brothers Entertainment, a content company that co-produced the docs, said, “We are excited that Gravitas has partnered with us on the release of these incredibly thought provoking and controversial titles. The films explore topics that look at the very fabric of our society.”

“Miracle on 4th Street” examines the largest mass shooting in Texas history, in which nine children and nine members of one family were murdered in 2017 with a mass shooter entered the First Baptist church in Sutherland Springs. The movie, which represents hope, healing and humanity, features stories from survivors.

“7 Murders a Day” takes a look at the human rights disaster that plagued Tijuana, Mexico in 2018. With help from local police, the film asks questions about why Tijuana became the murder capital of the world.

“Who Shot Colosio?” chronicles the 1994 assassination of a leading presidential candidate in Mexico. Many thought Luis Donaldo Colosio was going to reform Mexico, yet he was shot and killed in broad daylight before he was able to complete his run for the country’s highest office.

“Throughout my filmmaking career, I have always sought new opportunities and challenges,” Minn said. “Gravitas has the experience and expertise to deliver the best films to audiences far and wide, so it is an honor to work with such a talented group. It’s been my life’s work to help people see the injustices that surround us, and it’s my sincere hope that my documentaries will inform and educate humanity, and help make our society a better place.”

The deal was negotiated by Todd Slater of Slater Brothers Entertainment and Brett Rogalsky of Gravitas Ventures.