Dylan Farrow Encourages Empathy Ahead of New ‘Allen v. Farrow’ Episode

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Ahead of the second episode of “Allen v. Farrow” airing tonight on HBO, Dylan Farrow posted a lengthy statement asking viewers to watch with “empathy, compassion and an open mind.”

The episode will feature a home video in which a 7-year-old Farrow — who is the adopted child of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen — details to her mother allegations of sexual abuse by Allen.

In her statement, Farrow, now 35, said that she has been “losing sleep and overcome with anxiety” over the episode, and discussed her thought process in allowing the video to be aired on television.

“Deciding to allow this tape to be viewed now publicly in this way has not been easy. I myself had resisted ever watching it until now. It had been long stored away in a closet. Scared. Buried,” Farrow wrote on Twitter. “I almost didn’t offer it to the filmmakers, because being this vulnerable in public is absolutely terrifying for me.”

Farrow said that although she has been able to handle the “court of public opinion” as an adult, the video will put her younger self, who she refers to as “Little Dylan,” in the spotlight. But, Farrow said she decided to share the video in hopes of helping others experiencing abuse feel less alone, and as part of her own healing process.

“Part of my goal in allowing her to now speak is also to try and find some healing for me and my childhood self,” Farrow wrote. “It’s an attempt to make them whole again, and find some peace and closure.”

Farrow ended her statement by encouraging the audience to keep an open mind in regards to the video.

“If you watch this video, I very much hope you will do so with empathy, compassion and an open mind and heart and not use this as an opportunity to attack, turn away, criticize, mock; or to further shun “Little Dylan” and in doing so shame and silence the millions of abused children who are suffering in the world today. This is the most vulnerable part of who I am.”

Allen continues to deny the allegations.

Read the full post below.

Regarding tonight’s episode of #AllenVFarrow: pic.twitter.com/RgYIRK4Kt8

— Dylan Farrow (@RealDylanFarrow) February 28, 2021