‘Joe Millionaire’ Finale: Who Won Kurt and Steven’s Hearts?

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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched “Dates, Decisions, and Dollar Amount Revealed,” the March 10 finale of “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer.”

Which woman hit the jackpot? During Thursday’s final episode of Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” reboot, Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee both had to choose which woman they wanted to continue a relationship with outside of the show.

Going into the finale, millionaire Steven narrowed it down to Calah and Annie, while Kurt was torn between Amanda and Carolyn. Not only did the women not know which of them the men would choose, they also didn’t know which man was the millionaire.

The men then had final dates — all of which made things even more confusing. During the day, Steven spent the afternoon paddle boarding with Annie, and the evening cooking with Calah — both of which went perfectly. Meanwhile, Kurt played tennis with Carolyn and cooked dinner with Amanda. After his second date, he said he was more torn than ever.

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When it came to decision time, each woman dressed in white while the men traded in their flannels for tuxedos. Instead of the format “The Bachelor” uses, it wasn’t revealed which woman each man was speaking to in what order. Instead, the audience saw the men explaining to each woman why he cared for them and each woman doing the same.

In his confessional, Kurt said that his head was with Amanda, but his heart was with Carolyn. When it came time to speak to Carolyn, however, he told her that he was worried their passion would burn out, telling her, “My heart belongs to someone else.” Carolyn, who has been confident that Kurt was her person from the beginning, responded by asking producers, “Can I go now?” She later told the cameras, “It’s pretty much a slap in the face. … He made the right decision, because if he was that insecure the whole time, he’s not the one for me. I’m the girl that got away.”

Steven, who was quite upset, chose to end things with Annie, telling her his feelings are stronger for Calah. As he choked away tears, she walked away and admitted that she was in shock by the breakup before breaking down in the car.

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Luckily, there was happiness on the horizon. Kurt told Amanda he had fallen love with her and gave her a promise ring, which she gladly accepted. Steven was also excited to tell Calah he couldn’t imagine leaving without her, giving her a ring as a promise as well.

The women both were happy — but they had yet to find out who the millionaire was. First, Kurt revealed he is not the millionaire to Amanda, who is wealthy. She wasn’t at all affected by the reveal. Steven also discussed money Calah, telling his new girlfriend that he “has a lot of it.”