Korea’s Contents Panda Takes Bumper Cannes Slate Online

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Contents Panda, the sales arm of Next Entertainment World, has added comedy horror film “Oh My Ghost” to its burgeoning Cannes Market lineup. Only the company will not physically be in Cannes, and will concentrate on the pre-Cannes online version of the market instead.

South Korea’s film production sector is bouncing back to life after a hiatus caused by multiple waves of the coronavirus had caused disruption. That means a large number of films were able to shoot or resume their disrupted productions. In turn there are now many films in post-production.

But foreign distributors, festivals and other potential buyers will have to take some extra steps if they are to secure the rights. That’s because most Korean companies will be giving the physical Cannes festival and market a miss this year.

The strict public health rules that have allowed the country to get back on its feet are also responsible for keeping Korean film companies at home.

“Oh My Ghost” is the tale of a man who can see spirits and who get a job at a warehouse where strange things keep happening. The film is directed by Hong Tae-sun (“Gisaeng: Confession of a Flower”). It stars Ahn Seo-hyun (“Okja” and Jeong Jin-woon. ”Ghost” should receive a Korean theatrical outing by the end of the year.

Contents Panda has nearly a dozen films on offer. Closest to a theatrical release is “Night Shift,” a horror film set in a mountain resort, which reaches Korean theaters next week (June 30, 2021).

Also expected to make a big summer splash is “Hostage: Missing Celebrity,” a Korean remake of the Chinese film “Saving Dr. Wu.” It stars the ubiquitous Hwang Jung-min (“Veteran,” “The Spy Gone North”).
Kim Min-sub is director of “Going Home,” a horror thriller that is in advanced post-production. The plot kicks off with the sudden death of a soldier who went AWOL in the demilitarized zone. It would be easy to write off his demise as an accident or suicide, but others start to die too.

Other titles on offer include: comedy “Boogie Nights,” about a man who meets the love of his life on the day of his death; haunted schoolhouse tale “Labyrinth”; crime actioner “Special Delivery,” about a woman who handles deliveries that other criminals won’t touch, and which stars Park So-dam (“Parasite”); drama “Sophie’s World”; crime drama “A Policeman’s Lineage” starring another “Parasite” alumnus Choi Woo-shik; crime thriller “The Limit”; army-set melodrama “Serve the People”; and, action-comedy “The Perfect Duo”.

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