The Rolling Stones Honor Drummer Charlie Watts With New Video

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The Rolling Stones posted a video on Friday honoring their late drummer Charlie Watts, who died on Tuesday.

The two-minute video, shared on the band’s official Twitter and Instagram, is a slideshow of photos and videos of Watts playing in the band, appearing in music videos, addressing the press and more, edited to the beat of “If You Can’t Rock Me,” the opening track of the Rolling Stones’ 1974 album “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll.” 

In an interview included in the video, Watts says, “So when the Stones asked me to join, they talked in terms of a band, a commitment in other words. ‘Oh, this will go on for a year, and next year fold up.’” The video continues to show that the opposite was the case, showcasing highlights of the band’s time together from their youth to their old age.

Watts died in London at age 80. No cause of death was publicly stated. In the days since, many of his fellow musicians have shared their love for him.

On Aug. 4, Watts abruptly withdrew from the Stones’ upcoming pandemic-postponed U.S. tour, citing the need to recover from an unspecified but “successful” recent medical procedure. A spokesperson said, “Charlie has had a procedure which was completely successful, but I gather his doctors this week concluded that he now needs proper rest and recuperation. With rehearsals starting in a couple of weeks it’s very disappointing to say the least, but it’s also fair to say no one saw this coming.” Drummer Steve Jordan, a longtime associate of Stones guitarist Keith Richards, is filling in for the tour, which launches in St. Louis on Sept. 26.

Watch the full tribute video below.

— The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) August 27, 2021