Tokyo Broadcasting Sets Multi Series Deal With Netflix

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Japanese network Tokyo Broadcasting System has announced a partnership with Netflix for streaming TBS content, including new shows, with nearly simultaneous international release.

The partners are starting off with “Japan Sinks: People of Hope,” a TBS drama series that starts airing on Oct. 10. Based on the bestselling 1973 novel by Komatsu Sakyo that has inspired other dramas, as well as film and anime versions, the series stars top local talents Oguri Shun, Matsuyama Kenichi, Anne, Nakamura Toru and Kagawa Teruyuki. Netflix will stream episodes to its subscribers three hours after broadcast on TBS.


Also, from December “The Future Diary,” a hit TBS reality series from two decades back, will get a new lease on life as a Netflix Original series. The premise: A man and a woman come across a mysterious diary that foretells them falling in love, though they are complete strangers to each other.

Finally, in 2023 Netflix will stream the TBS drama series “Let’s Get Divorced,” with Isoyama Aki of TBS Sparkle producing and comedy hitmakers Kudo Kankuro and Oishi Shizuka scripting. The series concerns a married couple that want to get divorced, but circumstances have kept together.

Commenting on the partnership in a statement, TBS’s DX Business Division president Yayoi Nakatani said: “TBS has set a goal to expand into global markets. We are looking forward to delivering our content to people around the world, and strengthening our position in the global content market.”

TBS has entered the international streaming arena before, including an April 2021 deal with U.S. cable network G4 for streaming and broadcast rights to the TBS shows “Ninja Warrior” and “Unbeatable Banzuke,” and the Indonesian-Thai versions of the venerable comic game show “Takeshi’s Castle.”


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