Watch Doja Cat and SZA’s Trippy Video for ‘Kiss Me More’

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It’s not often that you’ve got Homer’s Odyssey and “Grey’s Anatomy” combined for the theme of a music video, but it happens in the clip for “Kiss Me More,” the new collaborative single from Doja Cat and SZA.

The song, crafted by Travis Scott collaborator Roger TK and Doja’s team of Yeti Beats, TK and of course Dr. Luke, has a breezy vibe that recalls both disco and her breakthrough hit “Say So,” with sexy lyrics — but it’s the video that has the more compelling storyline. In the Warren Fu-directed clip, “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Alex Landi is an astronaut who crash-lands on a fantastical planet where Doja and SZA are giant beings. He steers a kayak down a river where — this is when the Odyssey references come in — he is transfixed by Doja and SZA’s siren songs. As the dreamlike scene progresses, with cuts to separate scenes where Doja and SZA are performing on a bed, and he steers the boat toward a pair of giant lips, when the scenery suddenly changes.

We see Landi suspended in a large test tube-like container, while his space suit sits on the ground, with his radio warning him not to engage with the planet’s inhabitants. Too late: It turns out he’s a character in a video game that Doja and SZA are playing, commenting hilariously as they go along, “What’s the name of that planet? E-A-R-T-H?”

The song is a promising teaser from Doja Cat’s third album, “Planet Her,” which is scheduled to arrive this summer. The song’s preceding album, 2019’s “Hot Pink,” garnered her three Grammy nominations: Best New Artist, Record of the Year for “Say So,” and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Say So.”

Possibly more anticipated is SZA’s first album since 2016’s breakthrough “Ctrl.” She has released several songs, including “All the Stars,” her Kendrick Lamar collaboration from the “Black Panther” film, and her most recent single “Good Days,” which came out in December.


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